Italy closes all non-essential businesses and tightens restrictions as death toll rises


Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has closed all but essential industries in Italy and banned movement within the country in a bid to battle the rising death toll from Coronavirus. Italy suffered more than 1,400 deaths over the weekend. 

Tighter restrictions now in place in Italy mean that many factories and businesses that had been permitted to remain open during the last couple of weeks will now have to close. Only those industries considered absolutely essential to the running of the country will continue working, including maintenance services, transport, and waste disposal. 

The increased measures also further restrict movement of people in the country. Movement between municipalities is not permitted unless for work, health, or urgent reasons. Leaving the house is now allowed only if absolutely necessary, and dog walkers, joggers, and runners must stay in the vicinity of their places of residence. Police have been fining those who engage in recreational exercise in parks and far from home. 


Pharmacies, food shops, and newsagents remain open, however opening hours may change. Some supermarkets are closing on Sundays. 

Italy’s death toll now stands at nearly 5,500 and almost 60,000 have tested positive for the virus. 


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