GENEROUS GESTURE: Mercadona staff use ‘extra pay’ to nourish Spain’s health workers battling Coronavirus

Instead of banking their extra pay, Malaga's Mercadona staff pooled it to buy snacks and drinks for the city's health workers.

Staff at Malaga’s supermarket Mercadona exchanged their ‘extra pay’ (received to work during the crisis) to buy essentials supplies for health workers battling the coronavirus.

Instead of banking their extra pay, Mercadona employees used it to buy snacks and drinks to ensure that those on the frontline of this war, at Malaga’s hospital, are watered, fed and energised enough to continue saving lives.

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Malaga’s health workers were hugely grateful for this very ‘generous gesture and donation’, particularly from staff, also on the frontlines, who are working hard to keep the nation nourished.

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