Drunk in Spain’s Murcia City Ends Up Attacking Ambulance Crew

Murcia´s Civil Protection ambulance.

AN intoxicated man is facing assault charges after he attacked ambulance workers during his journey to hospital in Murcia City.

The 38-year-old Lithuanian had rolled up at a National Police station in the El Carmen area of the city, and appeared to be drunk.

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Police officers said that he collapsed on the ground, and a Civil Protection ambulance team was called.

The man was said to be in a calm state and he was transferred to the ambulance, which then started the trip to Murcia’s Reina Sofia hospital.

The journey though took an unexpected turn when he suddenly became violent.

He assaulted one of the three-strong crew and spat at another of them, before security guards restrained him when he arrived at the hospital.

A judge has opened an investigation and released the man on bail, whilst taking telephone statements from the ambulance staff.


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