Costa Blanca Pensioners in their Eighties, Acting as Drug Gang Lookouts

Drugs, money, and gear from Las Bayas.

A COUPLE aged in their 80s were among four members of the same Spanish family that were arrested for running a drugs racket in the Santa Pola and Elche areas.

Three other family members are still being investigated on drug trafficking and criminal group membership charges by the Guardia Civil.

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Officers found that drugs were being sold from two addresses in the centre of Santa Pola after being shipped there from a property in Las Bayas in the Elche municipality.

The elderly couple’s role was to act as a surveillance team by going out for a gentle stroll outside the Santa Pola homes when a drug sale was being done.

Their main job was to act as lookouts in case the police appeared, with the added bonus that they banked on being ignored because of their age.

The Las Bayas address was the production element of the operation, with a drugs laboratory and indoor marihuana plantation discovered by the Guardia.

A quantity of cocaine, marihuana, amphetamines, and hashish were seized along with drug production equipment and €1,200 in cash.

Two of the arrested family were refused bail after a court appearance.


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