Coronavirus Leads to Costa Blanca Shoppers Paying More for Vegetables


THE cost of buying vegetables is rising in the Costa Blanca and Murcia regions because of increased demand during the Covid-19 crisis.

That’s despite the fact that the harvesting of some vegetables has taken place earlier in the area due to the mild winter, with massive stocks falling.

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The cost of items like cauliflowers and broccoli have more than doubled over a week, in contrast to earlier in March when there was a glut of those vegetables.

It’s actually good news for local growers, who suffered badly in last autumn’s flooding, with further problems caused by Storm Gloria in January.

They feared that they would not be able to offload all of their produce, but now a combination of heavy Spanish and international demand, has meant a different set of circumstances.

One Orihuela area dealer said that the auction prices for broccoli a fortnight ago would just about have reached a price of around 30 cents a kilo, but that has now gone up to over 70 cents.

José Vicente Andreu, president of the local farmers association, Asaja Orihuela, said: “In a crisis situation people often think of food as a key priority and now heavy demand has completely reversed the very low prices that we had to charge”.

The situation is such that some vegetables might be in temporary short supply until the next round of harvesting, but the availability of citrus fruits like lemons and orange is good, with no increase in prices at the moment.


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