British Doctor takes Heartbreaking Decision to avoid his own Cancer Stricken Son for six months as he treats patients with the Coronavirus

Doctor avoids his cancer stricken son for 6 months to treat coronavirus patients

A doctor has spoken of his heartbreaking decision by having to avoid his child with cancer for six months to enable him to treat people with the coronavirus.

Nick Dennison, a consultant anaesthetist at Frimley Park hospital in Camberley, Surrey, said Alfie, three, had recently started treatment for the blood cancer lymphoma.

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Contact with Alfie, whose immune system will be weakened by chemotherapy, could cost him his life.

In a Facebook post that has been shared about 80,000 times in 24 hours, Dr Dennison wrote: “My son turned three years old last week and is six weeks into a three-year chemotherapy programme for lymphoma.

“The virus is a big threat to his life and as I am going to be exposed this week doing my job, I can no longer live at home, I have to make a difficult choice: do my job and save lives of people I don’t know, or to be with my son whilst he battles cancer.

“Alfie hopefully will survive his cancer and chemo, my heart is broken making this decision, but I choose to save the lives of strangers and leave him in the care of my beautiful wife and family.

“Later this week I’ll be moving into a motor home and will not be able to take any further part in his care for the next six months.

“Bottom line: SOCIALLY ISOLATE or people die in two weeks.”

Mr Dennison said anaesthetists were being “re-rolled” as intensive care doctors.


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