Beer Sales in Spain Skyrocket and Increase 78% During the First Week of Coronavirus Lockdown


Beer sales have risen 78%, cleaning products an additional 34%, alcohol sales have risen 24% and preserved food has risen 23%.

Spanish residents have moderated their shopping baskets in the context of consumption due to the coronavirus crisis, the sale of ready meals, olive oil, and toilet paper have decreased significantly. Whilst beer sales have risen 78%, according to the weekly analysis conducted by Gelt.

Once residents have completed their ‘bunker shopping list’ which aims to neutralise fear of running out of necessities during a period of home confinement, the sale of non-perishable items like toilet paper have fallen.

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After analysing sales from the first week of quarantine, another main shopping item on everyone’s list has been cleaning products probably due to the vast amount of spring cleaning taking place in the households of Spain.


The products which have seen a rise in sales are beer (+78%), cleaning products (+34%), and preserved food (+23%), whilst sales which have fallen are olive oil (-58%), ready meals (-48%), rice (-46%), beans (-42%), powdered milk (-36%),  ammonia (-33%), toilet paper (-10%),  and bleach (-8%).


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