“Overwhelmed” homeless shelters in Alicante, Spain, demand government help to deal with “avalanche” of requests

DEMAND: Homeless facilities in Alicante are full and in need of help.

CRITICALLY stretched homeless facilities in Alicante have pleaded for government help as they are flooded with people in need of shelter.

The Centre for Reception and Insertion for the Homeless and the Florida-Babel sports pavilion say they are experiencing an ‘avalanche’ of requests as the nation battles against coronavirus.
Now the City Council, in view of the massive arrival of people from different parts of the province, has asked the Government and the Generalitat for help in order to find a rapid solution.
The authority says it is “overwhelmed” and has already “doubled its capacity to accommodate the homeless”. It has demanded support “to bring in more staff and install centres in other municipalities in the province since both existing centres are completely occupied”:
People in these facilities have rooms where they can sleep, eat and take hygiene measures, in addition to receiving the relevant health checks.

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