Local police patrolling municipality on their own after an officer tested positive for coronavirus in Spain’s Mallorca

ESSENTIAL SERVICE: “The public cannot be left without an operating Local Police force, the Alcudia Mayor said CREDIT: commons.wikimedia.org

LOCAL POLICE in Alcudia are patrolling in vehicles on their own after one of the officers tested positive for coronavirus.

The Covid-19 infection confirmation meant the force had to change its safety protocols. Officers wearing masks and gloves and using disinfectant gel are doing lone patrols rather than operating as a pair as normal.

The officer in question was admitted to Inca hospital. Two others showed symptoms compatible with coronavirus.

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Alcudia Mayor Barbara Rebassa reported last week that several of the municipality’s 49 Local Police officers had recently been at a security fair in Madrid and that a number of others had made trips outside Mallorca.

Whether they picked up the virus in another part of Spain or not, Rebassa stressed that all the safety and hygiene measures indicated by the health authorities had been adopted.

“The Local Police cannot be put in quarantine and leave the public without a service, hence the officers who do not have symptoms are working, adopting these extraordinary measures”, she said.

Local Police deputy inspector Abelardo Mesias explained that the prohibition on more than one officer per car meant that in the event of an accident they would attend the scene in two vehicles.

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