Concerns for health as ‘sewage discharge’ flows into streets of Alicante neighbourhoods on the Costa Blanca

OVERFLOWING: Alicante residents say sewage is being discharged from overflowing drains. CREDIT: File photo

RESIDENTS of two Alicante neighbourhoods on the Costa Blanca claim sewage discharge is running along the streets outside their homes, posing an additional health risk on top of coronavirus.

The Gran Via Sur and San Gabriel neighbours have denounced the ‘poor sanitation and disinfection’ in the area, despite intensive cleansing programmes being rolled out across the province to combat the spread of COVID19.
Concerned residents told Spanish press that recent rains had caused the sewage system to overflow, while others complained about illegal dumping in the area.
“Our streets have become a serious health risk with the coronavirus and now the addition of faecal discharges that contain countless bacteria which are very harmful to human health”.
Several points of overflow are apparently seeping sewage close to Joan Fuster Park and the surrounding children’s play areas as well as the bed of the Barranco de las Ovejas, which has no other exit than San Gabriel beach.
An agreement was made in 2019 between the Public Entity of Wastewater Sanitation of Valencia and the Consistory of Alicante, for investment in the renovation of the San Gabriel pumping station, which “would prevent a large part of these discharged pollutants”.
And residents say they are still waiting for action.

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