Acts of rebellion on streets of Spain’s Alicante as public continue to defy COVID19 restrictions

NEW MEASURES: Two people can shop together with restrictions. CREDIT: Policia Local Alicante Twitter

DESPITE round the clock government warnings to stay indoors, Alicante Local Police say there are still ‘unbelievable’ acts of rebellion, including a family and their children playing in the street and a kebab shop continuing to trade, attracting a queue of customers.

Officers have stopped and questioned more than 1,000 pedestrians and over 500 vehicles in their quest to enforce State of Alarm restrictions, resulting in 300 fines.
But despite this, calls for responsibility and the devastating effects of the virus, a minority continue to defy the government restrictions.
In one of the controls, at 7.30am this morning, officers stopped a man for the third time in Avenida de Vicente Blasco. His reasons for leaving the house included having to buy bread, claims his wife was going to give birth and, thirdly that he was taking food to his in-laws. In spite of his efforts to convince police, he was fined accordingly.
Officers have also had to break up two parties where music was being played loudly in the street, as well as disperse families with children playing outside, and close two food outlets serving customers.
A police spokesman said that infringements aside, the majority of people were acting responsibly, and thanked them for their cooperation, warning “the confinement will last a few more weeks.
“We all need to be aware, as there are groups of people who continue to fail to comply. It is necessary to stay at home in order to deal with COVID19,” they added.
Alicante City Council today stepped up fixed and mobile checks across the city, and said “police actions continue to increase daily to address the coronavirus crisis”.

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