The Ministry of Interior extends validity of driving licences in Spain, for 60 days

VALIDITY: Government announces extension for 60 days during 'state of alarm'.

THE validity of licences and permits which expire during Spain’s State of Alarm will be automatically extended for up to 60 days, including those for driving abroad.
The Ministry of Interior today announced the move, stating: “All driving licences and permits, as well as other administrative authorisations for driving, whose period of validity expires during the State of Alarm, will be automatically extended for the duration of the same and up to 60 calendar days after its end”.
The move has been prompted by the closure of the Traffic Headquarters for face-to-face procedures and the lack of the personnel to carry out the administrative side of things.
It also affects foreign driving licences valid for driving in Spain. The law establishes that these licences are valid for six months from the date of arrival in Spain and that, once this period has expired, foreign drivers must exchange their licence for a Spanish one.
However, the exception only affects licences that are due to expire during the State of Alarm, not those that have already expired.
Driving with an expired licence is a serious offence that carries a fine of €200, without loss of points. This week Traffic launched the ‘app’ miDGT which allows, among other things, motorists to carry their driving licence digitally.
Today’s resolution also affects certain vehicles that provide essential services, such as the distribution of medicines, medical supplies or food.
It was also revealed the Minister of the Interior “may agree to close circulation of roads or sections of them for reasons of public health, security or traffic flow or restrict access to them for certain vehicles”.
If imposed, these restrictions would not affect road assistance vehicles; road maintenance and conservation vehicles and services; vehicles for the distribution of medicines and medical equipment; vehicles for the collection of solid urban waste; food distribution vehicles; vehicles for the transport of melting materials; vehicles intended for the transport of fuel; vehicles for the transport of live cattle; vehicles for perishable goods; and vehicles of the State Postal and Telegraph Company.

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