WATCH: Dozens of Police Cars Turn on Their Sirens in Honour of Medical Staff in Madrid, Spain


Dozens of National Police Cars and Municipal Police Cars gathered at the Plaza Cristo de Rey in Madrid to honour Spain’s medical staff who are hard at work in the Universitario Fundación Jiménez Díaz Hospital.

Police officers have also wanted to join in with the tributes that are now occurring on a daily basis. Every night at 8:00pm millions of people in Spain step out onto their balconies to clap as a gesture of thanks to all of the medical staff, both public and private, who are battling against the coronavirus pandemic.

Once the police reached the Plaza de Cristo Rey with all of their sirens on simultaneously, the officers stepped out of their vehicles to applaud the efforts of the brave medical staff. Nurses and doctors also stepped out to give thanks for the police’s and public’s appreciation.

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