Spain’s lockdown achieves 60% fewer arrests & 50% drop in delinquency

Yesterday (on Thursday 19th March), there were just 75 arrests made in total across the country. CREDIT: Policia Nacional

Spain’s lockdown and heavy penalties for failing to respect the strict State of Alarm restrictions has resulted in 60% fewer arrests and a 50% drop in delinquency crimes rates. Yesterday (on Thursday 19th March), for example, there were just 75 arrests made in total across the country. Around 55 of those arrests were made by the National Police and 20 by the Guardia Civil, mainly for breaking lockdown laws.

Since last Saturday the country’s security forces, Fuerzas de Seguridad del Estado, have made around 223 arrests in total. However, Spain’s security forces are becoming increasingly concerned about the potential increase in fraud and cyber crimes, by those wanting to take advantage of the situation.

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“While the State of Alarm restrictions are certainly helping to make it more difficult for criminals, we are worried about the increasing number of people who are now online that can be taken advantage of by cyber criminals on the web with false offers and information,” stated Laurentino Ceña, Operations Director of the Guardia Civil.

If you have been a victim of online fraud, or suspect suspicious online activity, then report it here:

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