‘Exemplary’ example as residents heed ‘stay at home’ advice in Costa Blanca’s ALfaz del Pi

MINORITY: Police in ALfaz del Pi say small minority are venturing out of their homes. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Alfaz

POLICE have praised the “exemplary” behaviour of residents in Alfaz del Pi as they continue five round the clock patrols to ensure the public are adhering to the COVID19 ‘state of alarm’ measures.

Speaking on behalf of the council and Local Police, Councillor for Public Safety, Toni Such, said only a minority of people are disregarding the Government regulations, with the vast majority being an ‘exemplary’ example.

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“It has not been, nor is it easy, to make people come to their senses and stay in their homes without going out into the street. The Local Police of l’Alfaz del Pi, together with the Guardia Civil, is doing a commendable job to convey to the public that we are in a state of alarm and there are restrictions, which for the general welfare, we must all comply with if we want to overcome this global crisis.”

Vehicle controls have been increased throughout l’Alfas, to avoid unnecessary travel, and remind drivers failure to comply with the ‘state of alarm’ regulations is punishable with fines ranging from €100 to €600,000.

Such added: “We are in a very serious health crisis, and one of the main prevention measures is the confinement of the population to their homes. We must insist that people do not leave their homes, except in very specific cases. A weekend is coming, and we must strive to comply with the law, to stop COVID-19 as soon as possible.”


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