Costa Almeria rubbish collection service introduces red skip for Covid-19 waste


THE Consorcio Almanzora-Levante-Los Velez rubbish collection service is introducing a new skip for the separate collection of Covid-19 waste.

The service is putting the red skips for waste from homes where there are people isolated or in quarantine due to coronavirus at the health centres of 45 municipalities across its region of the province.

The remainder of the population should continue separating out their waste as normal.


The consortium has also sent to all the local councils the instructions which people in households with positive cases or in quarantine should follow on the handling of waste.

They have to use three rubbish bags. One bag, in accordance with Health Ministry recommendations, is for the patient residues. This includes disposal materials used by the affected person and their carers, so items like gloves, tissues and masks, and should it be necessary, the individual protection equipment of health personnel, with the exception of glasses and masks, and which should be put into a plastic bag, within a plastic rubbish bin in the patient’s room, preferably with a lid and pedal opening, and without separating out items for recycling.

This bag should then be tied up properly and put inside a second bag, into which the gloves used should be placed before removing it from the room. Mask and gloves should be taken off outside the patient’s room, where there should also be a recipient for this purpose and of similar characteristics to the one in the room and with a hermitically closed bag, which should be treated in the same way as the one for the patient waste.

There should then a third bag, into which the second bag should be placed along with all other domestic waste. This bag also needs to be completely sealed.

Immediately after doing all this people should thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water for at least 40 to 60 seconds.

Bag three must be deposited in the red container for this purpose, and absolutely not in the usual containers for rubbish or for recycling.

The aim is have a separate collection of potentially contaminated residues so that it can be handled correctly without putting the rubbish collection service personnel at risk.

“It is important to follow the instructions to protect everyone’s health”, commented consortium president and Olula del Rio Mayor Antonio Martinez Pascual.


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