Costa Almeria government guide for businesses on surviving impact of coronavirus crisis

SUPPORT: The Diputacion president said the administration is offering businesses the tools to enable them to be able to overcome the consequences of this crisis CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

THE Diputacion de Almeria has produced a guide for businesses belonging to the Provincial Tourism Council on how to overcome the impact of the coronavirus state of alarm.

With the assistance of an Almeria consultancy the provincial administration has created a set of advice for small and medium-sized businesses so that they can benefit from the measures adopted by the different public administrations, including the Diputacion.

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Provincial administration president Javier A. Garcia stressed that the Provincial Tourism Service wants to stand by the side of the tourism sector in the face of the uncertainty being generated by the Covid-19 emergency situation.

“If the Costa de Almeria destination has managed to grow over the last eight years it is thanks to the commitment and the excellence which the tourist companies offer”, Garcia commented.

“The Diputacion wants to go further and offer them the tools to enable them to be able to overcome the consequences of this crisis caused by coronavirus in the best way.”

The provincial government said it will update the document as new measures are adopted or those which have already been approved are amended with the aim of offering the best advice to the council members.

As well as sending the guide to all the Tourism Council members, the administration has also launched a complementary telematic consultancy service for processing the adhesion of the companies to the measures which it said will help them to recovery their business activity as soon as possible.

“The Diputacion is going to put at the disposal of the Almerians all its resources so they can confront the state of alarm and its economic consequences the best way possible”, the president said.

He emphasized that the Provincial Tourism Council “is a tool created by and for tourism businesses.

“With this we will plan our tourism plan of action and we will remain at your side in this situation. This measure is a great initiative for achieving this”, he maintained.

Garcia also pointed out the Diputacion had launched the guide only 24 hours after the national government ordered the closure of Spain’s hotels and tourist accommodation.

“At these times society and business people need quick and immediate solutions”, he concluded.


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