Costa Almeria council Vera call for volunteers to support Local Police ensuring coronavirus state of alarm restrictions compliance

ROLE: Volunteers are to watch out for and warn Local Police of anyone violating the rules on movement and confinement CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Vera

VERA council has put out a call for volunteers to provide support to Local Police ensuring residents and businesses are complying with the coronavirus state of alarm restrictions.

The volunteers’ role is to watch out for and warn Local Police of anyone violating the rules on movement and confinement decreed by the national government.

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This means failure to abide by the measures which only allow going out onto the street for essential reasons: to buy food, drink and basic necessities, to assist people who require help, to get to work and back home again and to walk dogs for the time needed for them to do their business.

Local Police officers are also responsible for checking on the closure of businesses and establishments and that vehicles are circulating with only one person to buy food items, medication, to go to health centres, to care for the elderly, children, the disabled or vulnerable people and to return to their home.

“All these functions in addition to the habitual ones of the municipal officers make it unviable for combine shifts and rest time, hence we judged that the option of creating an extraordinary group of civil character volunteers to support the Local Police was a good solution”, explained Vera’s Public Safety and Local Police councillor Alfonso Garcia.

The local authority has set up registration forms and the email for anyone interested in joining the volunteer service to apply.

The volunteers will operate Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only, and they will be strictly limited to observing, informing and advising the authorities of any situation which is not permitted under the current state of alarm.

To quality volunteers will have to be adults, with Spanish nationality of a residency permit, with their own vehicle and without a criminal record. Anyone in a risk group will not be eligible, while a command of English is a plus point.

All the volunteers will be provided with protection materials: gloves, gel, face masks and disinfectant.


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