Coronavirus in Spain’s Malaga: Acosol Will Not Cut Water Supplies to Citizens of Costa del Sol


The public business, Acosol, has elaborated a prevention protocol which takes into consideration the social and economic impact that the state of alarm and coronavirus has caused.


Acosol, the public water company from Malaga, Costa del Sol, has announced that it will not be cutting any water supplies to its citizens.

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The general delegate of Acosol, Carlos Cañavate has stated, “for social reasons and due to our own worries about maintaining and guaranteeing water supplies to citizens, we have taken a set of measures which will ensure” the flow of water to customers.


“Water is a common necessity, apart from a fundamental right. Due to our responsibility as a public company and as a manager of this resource, we will guarantee the supply” to all our customers “and that no cuts will be made” reassures, Cañavete.


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