Adam Brown From Spain’s Marbella known as “Football With Brownie” Breaks Down As He Remembers The Great Peter Whittingham


Adam Brown from Spain’s Marbella breaks down on his Youtube channel as he remembers the legend  Peter Whittingham who officially died today after a tragic fall at just 35 years old.

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If you never had chance to see Peter play here is you’re chance now to see him in action.


Peter Whittingham was a player and a person who if every footballer was like, would make the football world a far better place, no ego, hardly even celebrated a goal and just a down to earth fella who was so laid back it, it was untrue.

Sadly the world has lost him at 35 years old and many of us in Spain will forever remember  him fondly forever.

RIP Peter and condolences to your family at this sad time.


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