28 deaths recorded in the West Midlands ‘corona hotspot’

Credit: Flickr

The health secretary has said the government is looking “very, very closely” at why there is a coronavirus hotspot in the Midlands.

Asked about 28 deaths recorded in the West Midlands, Mr Hancock said: “There is a hotspot, not as big as in London, but there is a hotspot in the Midlands.

“It’s something that we’re looking at very, very closely to find out why, frankly.

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“I mean, the spread of a disease like this does tend to be in areas of hotspot and then broadening out from them.

“What we’ve got to do … is to respond as well as possible.”

Mr Hancock noted that “A combination of money to the NHS and money to councils because they’ve got a very big part to play in keeping people safe.”

As of 1pm on Thursday, there were 3,269 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK.

The number of people who have died after contracting coronavirus in the UK currently stands at 144.


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