Watch What You Flush!

The Monster Wipe box is waiting for you: credit Ayuntamiento Torrevieja

People who flush hygienic wipes down the toilet are costing Torrevieja´s water company, Agamed, thousands of euros each year by causing blockages in sewage pipes and problems at water treatment plants.

Rough mathematics shows that the wipe flushing costs up to six euros per year for each user in the city.

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Agamed´s sanitation network chief, Dina González, was joined by her colleague Gemma Cruz, and Torrevieja´s citizen participation councilor. Inmaculada Montesinos, in a joint appeal, to get wipe users to dispose of them in a different way.

500 cardboard boxes have been given the name, “Monster of the Wipes” and have been distributed amongst local groups, so that used wipes can be thrown into them, rather than down the loo with the potential to reduce the effectiveness of local treatment plants.

González said that the labeling on most wipes describing them as biodegradable and disposable was simply not true.

Agamed and Torrevieja council have asked for all citizens and various homeowners´associations to be totally aware of the consequences of what is flushed down the toilet.

One of those they said could be breakages and leaks that lead to sewage ending up in the sea.



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