Vouchers for 25,000 children in Alicante to ensure they eat each day during COVID19 crisis

VOUCHERS: Children with full dining scholarship will be receive assistance. CREDIT: Shutterstock

LOW income families of more than 22,000 school children in Alicante province will receive a €60 voucher which can be exchanged for food in supermarkets, to help ease the burden during the COVID19 state of alarm.

The Ministry of Education is distributing the voucher via mobile phone to ensure those children who would normally have a hot meal at school through a ‘full dining room scholarship’ will still eat healthily during the national lock down.

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An agreement has been reached with Consum and Charter stores, whereby parents can present the voucher, together with DNI, in exchange for food.

Education Minister, Vicent Marzà, has asked for the collaboration of the directors of schools in the province, to ensure parents know about the existence of the voucher as well as how to go about using it.

Secretary for Education, Miguel Soler, also urged directors to get the mobile phone numbers of all eligible parents to the Ministry before 9pm this evening “so that families can receive the voucher on their mobile phones as soon as possible”.

The move represents a €3.5 million to deliver dining vouchers to last 15 days, to around 59,000 students in the Community.


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