Spanish Coronavirus lockdown protocol updates from Age Concern Mallorca

Mallorca protocol update. Credit: Facebook


 Remember everyone is confined to their homes.

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From midnight last night (Wednesday), only one person is permitted to travel in any car at any one time.

The only exceptions that permit two persons to travel in any car are when accompanying someone who is disabled or elderly (over 65), infirm or a minor. In those cases one in the front (the driver) and one in the back seat diagonally across from the driver.  It’s no acceptable to say “it’s my girl/boyfriend, wife, neighbour” etc.

You are permitted to go to work but you will be expected to carry a justification certificate from your employer stating that, or a work contract.

If you go or return from the petrol station, chemist, supermarket keep the receipts.  If the Police /Guardia Civil stop you will be requested to demonstrate where you have been or where you are going to.

One person per family may visit the local supermarket, chemist, tobacconist, petrol station.

Dogs may be taken out to relieve themselves but not for walks.

Remember the fines for disobedience are high ranging from €300 to €1000 and also carry the threat of prison time.

The emergency phone number for Coronavirus symptoms 061, any other ailments 112 strokes, heart attacks etc or 900 101 863

All Spanish frontiers were closed as of yesterday with exceptions. (Merchandise, food supplies, residents and workers are permitted)

Balearic airports are operating minimum services.

We should be exemplary in following the recommended protocols in relation to hand hygiene, coughing and sneezing etiquette, maintaining personal space, protecting older people and those with existing health conditions.


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