Mule´s Hard Swallow in Costa Blanca

Drug mule´s hidden stash revealed. credit: Guardia Civil

A woman who ingested 75 portions of cocaine wrapped in plastic was arrested by the Guardia Civil after her plan was foiled in a check at Alicante-Elche airport.

The 21-year-old had flown in from Paris, after beginning her journey from Guinea.

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She had over a kilo of the drug in her stomach and told Guardia officers that she had not eaten for several days.

She admitted to being a drug mule and said that she was going to be met by somebody at the airport.

Due to the large quantity of cocaine involved, the smuggler was taken to prison after “expelling” the drug packets, whilst a search was launched for her Spanish contact.

Guardia officers say they target what they regard as ”hot flights” from certain destinations where they suspect arrivals of trying to smuggle drugs, and that they arrested the woman as soon as she got off the plane.


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