Church in Spain’s Costa Del Sol defies ‘State of Alarm’ and faces €30,000 fine

Evangelical church in Spain

THE congration at an Evangelical church on the Costa del Sol was ordered to leave for breaking the rules of the nationwide lockdown.

The government measures to combat the spread of coronavirus limits attendance at places of worship with penalties ranging from €30,001 to €600,000.

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Local Police descended on the Jesus con Nosotros (Jesus With Us) building in the Gamarra neighbourhood yesterday evening before denouncing the owner of the building and the pastor.

According to police sources, around 100 people were gathered at the church premises, on Calle Antonio Jimenez Ruiz.

The pastor denies this and claims the number of worshippers was less than 50.

Officers sanctioned both the religious leader and the owner of the premises under article 45.3, section b, of Law 17/2015 of the National Civil Protection System.

The law states it is a very serious offence to ‘in declared emergencies, breach the orders, prohibitions, instructions or requirements made by the competent authorities…when it is of particular danger or significance for the safety of people or property.’


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