Costa Almeria government functioning normally during state of alarm thanks to teleworking

SOLIDARITY: “The Diputacion is going to be by the side of the Almerians to overcome this exceptional situation together”, promised administration spokesman Fernando Gimenez CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

THE Diputacion de Almeria is functioning normally despite the coronavirus crisis thanks to teleworking, administration spokesman Fernando Gimenez reported.

He said all the services for citizens and local councils are fully operational, including the “minimum face-to-face services for those tasks which cannot be carried out telematically.”

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He added, “the Diputacion is going to be by the side of the Almerians to overcome this exceptional situation together.”

Gimenez clarified that the only public information window is open from 9am to 2pm via the telephone number 950 211 100 and email

He also said that to facilitate telematic procedures for all citizens the Provincial Palace is maintaining a presence in person from 9 to 11am for the management of digital certificates.

At the same time, the Diputacion has suspended all time periods for the payment of taxes with a moratorium until the Covid-19 state of alarm ends.

“Currently there is not going to be recorded as a payment period or due date any municipal or provincial receipt”, Gimenez said.

The provincial Community Social Services are a priority he stressed, commenting, “thanks to the work of the Diputacion home assistance to 4,000 people with special needs is going to be guaranteed.”

The Equality department meanwhile has all its resources operating to assist women who are victims of gender-based violence. The help centre, and immediate assistance via telephone on 900 713 535 and Whatsapp on 681 000 016 are open 24 hours a day.

Also still active is the provincial highway network maintenance service, and the teams to guarantee the proper functioning of water and wastewater services.

Clearly no new public works are being started at this time and all works already in progress have been suspended, apart from in the event of emergencies or in cases related to coronavirus prevention health and safety measures as established under the state of alarm decree.

The Diputacion has set up two helplines for the province’s 103 municipalities for dealing with the prevention of and containment of the spread of coronavirus. One is a financial helpline for financing for the expenses stemming from the Covid-19 outbreak and the other is for technical and legal assistance for adopting measures which stop the spread of the virus in their municipalities.

Gimenez took the opportunity to thank all Diputacion staff for the work they are doing and sent a message of support to the public: “We ask you for responsibility at the same time as we remember that Almeria society has always overcome adversities, and the Covid crisis is going to be a demonstration of the ability for overcoming that all Almerians have.”


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