Cartagena Criminal Caught in Lockdown


A child abuser has been arrested by the National Police in Cartagena after spending time outdoors during the state emergency.

He had also missed the final deadline for him to begin a jail sentence, after failing to report in voluntarily.

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The 34-year-old man had a restraining order issued against him forbidding access to his young daughter, who is in the custody of foster parents.

He failed to surrender to authorities for the start of his jail term last Friday, and then appeared outside her foster home a few days later.

The police were called and he then ran away to his father´s house, where he intended to hide.

His dad had other ideas and rang the National Police who came to the property in the Jose Maria Lapuerta area of Cartagena, and arrested him on a variety of charges.

Those included breaking the restraining order, as well as being on the street during the state of emergency.


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