CAB Spain issues public transport advice to expats

ADVICE: CAB Spain offers advice on bus travel

CITIZEN’S Advice Bureau Spain has issued advise for public bus users in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Spain’s ‘state of alarm’ measures have significantly restricted public movements, and to clear up any confusion regarding the use of buses and taxis, CAB has provided the following information.

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When boarding a bus – companies are operating a reduced service – unless the driver is protected by a screen, passengers must access the vehicle using the back door.

This provision may be excepted in cases where the ticket needs to be purchased inside. In the means of transport that allow it, the doors will be activated by the driver or machine operator, thus avoiding contact having to be made by the passenger.

Bus companies will take the necessary measures to ensure maximum separation is possible between passengers, so that no more than a third of seats can be occupied for maximum vehicle occupancy.

In any case, the row after the drivers’s seat must remain empty.

With regard to taxis, under the provisions of article 7 of the Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, journeys must be made individually, unless accompanying people with disabilities, minors, the elderly or for other just cause.

Valid for as long as the State of Alarm lasts.


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