Birds In Pest Move 

Bird Box: Credit Ayuntamiento Bigastro

Birds are to be used as a natural weapon against mosquitoes and processionary caterpillars by getting more of them to make their home in the Bigastro area.

That´s going to be done by putting up a new set of bird boxes next to a popular trail, and experts will survey the different type of breeds that will use them.

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The boxes have been built by members of the La Pedrera disabled persons association, and the fruits of their labours started to be put up in trees last week.

The initiative was launched by Bigastro´s environment councillor, Antonio Meseguer, a few months ago, and he joined association members and students from the San José de Calasanz college to see the first boxes erected on the Ruta Alquibla

Meseguer said he hoped that the boxes would attract certain breeds of birds that are natural predators of certain pests.

“We hope to create a permanent area for the birds to live and this will stop the creation of colonies of mosquitoes or processionary caterpillars”.

The councillor added that the natural method to control the pests was being used as a way to improve the biodiversity of the local environment.

After all of the boxes have been put up, the long-term aspect of the project will kick in, as the bird arrivals who use the boxes will start to be monitored from June.

Next year will also see a full census carried out to check out the different species that have been attracted to the Ruta Alquibia area because of the boxes.


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