Backfiring Scammer

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A Scammer who told the Guardia Civil that he had been ripped off has been arrested for filing a false crime report.

It emerged that he had already appeared in a San Javier court in January accused of a variety of charges including identity fraud.

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By visiting the Guardia, he simply wanted to create the impression that somebody else did it, by telling them that a crime had been committed against him in exactly the same way.

The 38-year-old Torre Pacheco resident told officers that he had lost four thousand euros, and the story was identical to the fraud that he had been accused of.

Prosecutors in January said that he stole four thousand euros from the bank account of an elderly female family member by using a fake signature.

The man also authorized the credit card in his relative´s name so that he could do some online gambling.

The Guardia said that he had a catalogue of similar crimes and he went to see them to create doubt in their minds, and that of the court, that he was indeed the perpetrator earlier in the year.

Officers merely charged him with falsely reporting a crime and gave him another court date to look forward to in San Javier.


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