Alcoy woman and friends among 200 Spaniards stranded in Bali due to coronavirus pandemic

STANDED: Alcoy woman and friends from Valencia are stuck in Bali due to coronavirus. CREDIT: Alcoy Informa

AN Alcoy woman and seven Valencian friends, are among 200 Spaniards trapped in Bali, Indonesia, due to flight cancellations caused by the COVID19 pandemic.

Ana Micó and the others were due to return to Spain on March 24, but the airline has cancelled their flight, and they have been unable to find an alternative.

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Ana told Informacion that “nobody can guarantee we will arrive in Spain”, adding the “Embassy itself tells us to come back, but even they do not know how we can get out”.

She said the main problem is “there is no safe route” and she and her fellow travelers cannot “stay stranded at any transit airports”.

The group of Valencians are extremely worried as there are cases of coronavirus in Bali, and “our travel insurance does not cover us when the pandemic has been declared”.

With no immediate solution in sight, Ana said she and the others feel “abandoned and unprotected”.


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