Orihuela Council Offers Partial Parking Relief

Emilio Bascuñana

ORIHUELA has not followed other cities like Alicante and Elche in totally suspending street car parking payments.

Mayor, Emilio Bascuñana, has said that meter charges will be maintained during the week in the city´s blue zone, but will be scrapped over the weekend between 8.00pm on Fridays and 10.00am on Monday during the coronavirus emergency,

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The orange zone residential area taking in around 200 spots is now free of charge but the blue area accounts for the vast majority of city centre street parking.

Orihuela council had faced criticism that it had not waived parking fees in the same way that other cities had done.

Bascuñana, said that circumstances in Alicante and Elche were different, and weekday blue zone charging had to continue to provide parking spots for people outside the city from rural areas to get quick access to important services like banks, chemists, and supermarkets.

We need to provide the best possible for all citizens in the Orihuela area, and not just a few”, commented the mayor.

I want people to understand why have taken this decision with a responsibility to all of the community”.

Bascuñana also praised the cooperation of citizens during the emergency in staying in their homes and going out as little as possible.


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