“Oprah would never have made it in the UK,” says Jameela Jamil, criticising UK’s entertainment business

Oprah Winfrey - chairman of Harpo - She reached the height of success through hard work and gift of personality.

Jameela Jamil, UK actress known from “The Good Place” criticises the UK’s entertainment industry for lack of diversity.

“Oprah would never have made it in the UK,” she claims, “We’re still behind in giving women important jobs that lead to long-standing, dignified careers, the rest of us either get pushed into being nothing more than sex objects, whether we want it or not.”

She continues: “I remember coming to America five years ago and seeing Robin Roberts hosting Good Morning America and knowing that Oprah is a really big deal. I couldn’t believe that I was seeing women in their 50s and 60s of different races on the biggest shows on US television! That was a big moment!”

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