Costa Almeria Red Cross Covid-19 emergency plan

FRONTLINE: Teams are making sure the most vulnerable get basic food and medicines CREDIT: Cruz Roja Española Facebook

THE Spanish Red Cross in Almeria has activated a Covid-19 emergency plan to assist families and the most vulnerable people with the supply of basic food and medicines and any other urgent need.

The assistance is being coordinated by the local councils’ Community Social Services, who detect where there is a need for help and channel the cases which require the intervention of the Red Cross’s volunteers and technical personnel.

The Red Cross CPC Provincial Communications Centre is operating the Covid-19 emergency plan in strict coordination with Almeria city council and local authorities in the Levante and Poniente regions of the province.


The CPC volunteers are working in rotation. Each team is made up of two operators to deal with calls, two Social Intervention staff to evaluate the action and who get in contact with the people who require the services, and the personnel who have the job of getting the requested services to the most vulnerable. As it stands the CPC is active from 8am to 3pm.

At the same time, the Red Cross is calling more than 7,000 elderly and disabled people throughout the province to provide them with information about preventative measures, and to monitor and identify their needs.

The Red Cross said it is maintaining operational essential services like the immigrant and refugee reception centres, the day centre for the homeless and assistance to victims of gender-based violence who are included in ATENPRO programme and who ask for help from their mobile phones.

In addition, the Red Cross made it clear that its health, rescue and emergencies infrastructure and personnel are at the disposal of the authorities, ready to act at any moment and wherever needed.


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