Costa Almeria council and volunteers looking out for Sierro elderly to protect them from coronavirus infection

COMMUNITY SOLIDARITY: Young volunteers are doing daily tasks for the elderly so they don’t have to go out and risk contagion CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Sierro

SIERRO council and a group of young volunteers are looking out for elderly people in the municipality to protect them from coronavirus infection.

To avoid any of the area’s considerable number of senior citizens having to go out onto the street and possibly risk Covid-19 contagion during the current period of enforced isolation, the local authority and the volunteers are carrying out necessary tasks in a demonstration of community solidarity.

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They are doing their shopping and taking it to them at their homes, getting their medications from pharmacies, putting out their rubbish and taking their dogs for walks.

The council called on the elderly and their family members to make use of the service in order to try and preventpossible contagions.

The local authority is also trying to help keep the village’s children amused while they are trapped indoors. It has set up a WhatsApp group featuring challenges and activities which youngsters can do at home.

They are recording and posting videos with a view to having a ranking and a competition, for which prizes will be awarded once the Covid-19 period of confinement comes to an end.


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