Calpe creates crisis committee to coordinate ‘state of alarm’ protocol

CRISIS COMMITTEE: Representatives from local authorities in Calpe will oversee the crisis situation.

A CRISIS committee has been created in Calpe to monitor and oversee the situation in the town during the coronavirus state of alarm.

Measures adopted include the cancellation of face-to-face services at the Town Hall, although the Social Services Department (965837223) and the Citizen’s Advice Department (96 583 36 00 and 900 20 40 50) are providing a telephone service.

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The only municipal departments that will continue offering in-person attention are the Local Police and the Home Help Service of Social Services.

In addition, care for the elderly or people with reduced mobility is being provided by Social Services and local NGOs.

Civil Protection and Red Cross have been delivering medicines and food to the elderly or people with mobility difficulties. Anybody who requires this service should call 647 613 076 and 965 831 616.

Calpe Town Council has stressed that the units which tackle gender violence within the Local Police, the Guardia Civil and the Department of Equality are continuing to work as normal, and are available by calling 965 839 000 and 965 830 080.

Cleaning company, Acciona, is disinfecting the streets of Calpe on a nightly basis and Aguas de Calpe has guaranteed there will be no cuts to supply during the crisis.

Meanwhile, the Provinicial Coastal Service has confirmed repair work on the town’s beaches, which was scheduled to take place this week, has been postponed until the end of the state of alarm.

The new crisis committee, which communicates electronically, is made up of the Mayor’s Office, the Municipal Secretariat, and the departments of Street Cleaning, Police, General Services, Communication and Civil Protection.


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