Brighter News, Venice Canals are Free of Murk as Lockdown Cleans the Water and Even Makes the Fish Visible Again

Venice Canals: From murky to clear in only a few weeks. Credit: Twitter @Ikaveri

The lockdown measures taken as a result of the coronavirus pandemic have placed a great relief on our waters and general climate. The once murky canals of tourist hotspot, Venice, have cleared up enough to see schools of fish swimming within.


The coronavirus pandemic has caused, once immensely popular, tourist destinations to become completely deserted as everyone is forced into lock down to avoid the spread of the virus.

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Thanks to the quarantine the canals in Venice are benefiting from a cleaner environment, a worker from the area, Martina Bettoni, recalled that “Seeing so many fish in the canals was extremely rare before the quarantine” and that she “hopes we’ll learn from this tragic time, and that when this is over Venice will be able to strike a balance between tourist crowds and cleanliness”.Even white swans have been seen bathing in the water which is no longer as polluted or saturated with vehicles.

Images from a European Space Agency programme have shown a sharp decline in levels of pollution and reductions in NO2 levels from major Italian cities such as Milan, Bologna, and even Rome.


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