A woman from Seville goes to convent to escape the coronavirus pandemic

Photo by Mathieu Acker from Pexels

A woman from Seville found a novel way to isolate herself from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic by going to a convent.

“I started to get nervous because I have diabetes and have suffered a stroke. I don’t want to be a burden to any of my nine siblings during this time and I thought it would be a good option to withdraw from the world so I don’t get infected until the vaccine arrives.”

One convent that she contacted welcomed her with open arms: “Come and don’t worry about a thing.”

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Now she spends her days praying with the nuns, reading the three books that she has got and walking in the gardens. 

“I have Wi-Fi, the Bible, “Path of perfection” and the complete works of Saint Theresa of Lisieux. Those three books nothing more.”



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