The Big Mask Rip-Off

FACE MASK:-The Miller N-95 is one of the world´s biggest brands

A MAN has been arrested for defrauding companies of at least 726 thousand euros after he failed to supply them with face masks as a protection against viruses like Covid-19.

The 44-year-old was detained in Alicante City by the National Police who managed to stop 350 thousand euros going into some of his bank accounts.

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The con man went round selling the Miller N-95 masks to a variety of customers, including one firm that acts as a supplier to pharmacies.

The fraudster got in touch with potential clients by having access to a contact list from a company that he used to work for.

The National Police launched an investigation after receiving several complaints that the face masks had not been sent, despite payments being put into a bank account.

The biggest sting was on an unnamed public company that supplied chemists with masks.

They paid the arrested man close to 300 thousand euros, whilst another victim paid an advance of 180 thousand euros for the purchase of half-a-million masks.

Inquiries are still continuing over the possibility that other people had fallen foul of the fraudster´s deceit.


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