‘Stuffed dog’ walker sent home with tail between his legs by Spanish police

costa del sol

FOOTAGE of a man walking a stuffed dog during a nationwide lockdown has been shared on social media by Spanish police.

A neighbour recorded the bizarre scene in Palencia, northern Spain, on Monday night and uploaded it to Twitter, before police union, Jupol Nacional went on to share it themselves.


Despite violating ‘state of alarm’ government restrictions, the ‘dog walker’ was not fined or punished, but asked to go home.

Jupol has asked for “good sense” during the crisis and asked members of the public to “stay at home as a matter of public health”.

“We are facing a very serious situation, why walk on the street trying to deceive the police…do not deceive us, you will be penalised”.

Meanwhile, in Palencia, a man has been fined after being caught twice drinking beer on a public bench.



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