One Heck Of A Ticker in Costa Blanca

Tick Tock:- Pricey gold and diamond watch. Photo Source:- Guardia Civil

THE OWNER of a 200 thousand euro watch has been reunited with her expensive timepiece after the Guardia Civil arrested the thief at Alicante-Elche airport. A 27-year-old man from Valencia City couldn´t resist a quick swoop in the departure area of Tenerife Norte airport in the Canary Islands when the watch owner had put all of her personal belongings in a tray to go through a security scanner check. The Swiss-made Richard Mille watch did not appear on the other side of the scanner, and she reported the disappearance of her valuable item to the Guardia Civil before boarding her flight to Barcelona. Guardia officers started to comb through CCTV security footage from the scanner area to identify who the culprit might be but did not do it in time before his flight for Alicante-Elche airport departed. Nevertheless, a phone call to their colleagues on the mainland with the name of the suspect saw the man arrested on his arrival. He clearly enjoyed the fruit of his thieving labor, as officers found him actually wearing the expensive gold and diamond watch. He was charged with theft and released on bail, with the watch returned to its rightful owner. The luxury Richard Mille brand has been going since 2001 and is worn by sports stars like the Mallorcan tennis ace Rafa Nadal and golfer Bubba Watson in addition to celebrities like the martial arts movie star, Jackie Chan.


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