Millions For Sports City in Costa Blanca

Torrevieja´s Sports Palace Photo Source;. Torrevieja Ayuntamiento

TORREVIEJA´S Sports City area is getting a boost of over five million euros for repair work to the Sports Palace, and for the building of a new 25-metre indoor swimming pool. The Palace venue is the centrepiece of Sports City and Torrevieja council´s draft budget for 2020 shows a major investment of three-point three million euros in the facility. The building opened in September 2000, but it now needs a big overhaul to deal with issues like water leaks during heavy rain and complaints about the poor state of the changing rooms. The plan in effect sees a complete change to the center’s infrastructure with the replacement of all electrical, heating and natural gas installations in addition to all of the plumbing and air conditioning. There is an additional time pressure on the work, which will start this year, as the Palace will be one of Spain´s venues for the World Women´s Handball Championships in December 2020. Improvements will also be carried out to the current Olympic heated pool, which has caused all kinds of problems from virtually the day it opened. The pool was closed for almost a year in 2017 as repairs were done to combat leakage issues, which we’re still not totally solved. The other major investment will be in a new 25-meter indoor pool which will be built between the Sports Palace and the blue pavilion on around a thousand square meters of land. Two million euros have been allocated for the project and the building will be linked to the Sports Palace. The pool itself will be more of a leisure and educational facility compared to the main Olympic pool. For example, it will focus on elderly swimmers or users who need to swim as part of their health rehabilitation lessons for children will also be held at the new pool, which will use new technology to control the temperature at varying levels between 30 and 34 degrees.


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