Mallorca hospitals limit operations and consultations

OBJECTIVE: Mallorca’s hospital aim to be able to allocate more resources to fighting coronavirus and to prevent health professionals from becoming infected. CREDIT:

MALLORCA’S hospitals have decided to limit or postpone programmed operations and visits to medical specialists due to the expansion of the coronavirus, Spanish press reported.

Face-to-face consultations with patients will, where possible, be carried out by telephone.

External consultations which are not urgent will be put back to a later date.


In the event the consultations cannot wait, they will take place, but patients will be given a series of instructions in order that they follow a different assistance circuit from that to be followed by anyone with a respiratory issue, and therefore possibly infected with coronavirus.

In regard to operations, oncology and priority interventions will go ahead, Spanish press said.

The heads of service will analyse and prioritise the scheduled operations.

The aim is to be able to dedicate more resources to battling the coronavirus pandemic and to avoid the contagion of health professionals.


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