Mallorca health centres reorganised into general and respiratory


THE Balearic Island Government’s Health and Consumer department has reorganised medical centres into two circuits, respiratory and general, due to the coronavirus situation, Mallorca Primary Attention general director Miquel Caldentey has announced.

Speaking to press on Monday, Caldentey remarked that it was a “complicated day for patients due to the new organisation.”

He explained that before people go to health centres they should call first to find out whether they should go to respiratory or general.


“Normally an appointment is requested by internet or in person at the health centre with the doctor, paediatrician, midwife… but this way of proceeding has been blocked”, he explained.

Caldentey stressed all health centres are open, but that that “some basic units have been closed to be able to guarantee these new circuits.”

Explaining the decision to create the two circuits, he said the first reason was the need to “guarantee the protection of health and non-health professionals in the health centres.”

He stressed that people should only call when it was really necessary “to not block the phone”, and the importance of people staying at home.

He also called on the public not to go to hospital emergency departments unless it is really necessary, and said is should be on the basis of a primary attention service evaluation.


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