Funerals will still take place in Spain. A message from Golden Leaves International


We write this notification today to give you peace of mind at this sad and difficult time.

With so many affected by the Coronavirus we have had to adjust our current way of life, following on from the Royal Decree issued over the weekend, funerals are a necessity and therefore will continue as normal  – However, there are new guidelines in place.

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Golden Leaves, offering support
  • Funeral directors will still work as normal, from home where possible to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Funeral services will not be made public, only a few family members will be able to attend the service with 1.5 meters between them.
  • No viewings of the deceased.
  • No repatriation and or embalming to be carried out during this isolation period.

If you do have any worries or concerns or need immediate help or assistance during this uncertain time please do call us on our emergency contact number (0044)800 098 309 or 603531417  for immediate assistance. Best wishes and keep safe –  The Golden Leaves Team


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