Face-to-face council activities suspended in Finestrat

SAFETY MEASURES: Finestrat Council is only dealing with administrative queries over the phone or via email until further notice. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Finestrat

IN response to the ‘state of alarm’ in Spain, all council ‘face-to-face’ administrative activities in Finestrat have been suspended as of today (Tuesday, March 17) and any queries will be dealt with over the phone.

Mayor, Juan Francisco Perez, said the council will continue to try to meet the needs of the public, but in light of the health risks to staff and resident, all inquiries should be made by calling 965 878 100 until further notice.

A team of staff will be on hand to take calls, and assist, or alternatively email: [email protected].


In relation to the COVID19 crisis of covid-19, Perez called for “peace of mind” and launched a message of collaboration to the public “to follow the rules set out in the Decree of the State of Alarm and stay as long as possible at home, thinking especially of our elders”.

Following today’s move in Finestrat, only ‘face-to-face’ normality will be maintained by the Local Police, Social Services, Citizen Service (96 587 81 00 and [email protected]) and the technical service department.

“In the case of cleaning, we are going to make a special reinforcement of disinfection in the most frequented community areas, and also the post boxes points, such as those in the housing estates, since they are areas of great public contact,” said Perez.

The Mayor stressed that the 24-hour Local Police phone number is still operational (639 620 690) “and all official publications sent to us from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of interest to our citizens will be shared in our usual channels and social networks to report on the evolution of this health crisis, that we hope will soon pass with the commitment and responsibility of all”.


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