EXCLUSIVE: Struggle to Return to Spain for Father of Two Whose Plane to Malaga was Cancelled

Borders Credit: Konstantin CC

THERE is one very relieved young family in Marbella now that what could have been a nightmare has been resolved with a little bit of help from a Spanish speaker.

The husband and father of two had to travel to the UK before the border shut down in order to attend the funeral of a close family member, leaving his wife and their son and daughter behind at home.

He had booked a flight to Malaga, but it was cancelled and the only flight that he could get, took him to Gibraltar instead.


Having arrived this afternoon (Tuesday March 17), he tried to cross back into Spain but because he couldn’t show that he was a cross border worker (ironically he does work regularly on the Rock), National Police officers were reluctant to allow him to enter Spain.

Obviously beside himself, he called his wife but all of the utility bills are in her name so that didn’t help.

She in turn called a Spanish speaking friend for advice who told that if she could find the papers showing that their children were enrolled in school in Marbella and named both of them as parents that should do the trick.

Papers found, photographed and sent to him by WhatsApp and success, he was allowed to return to Spain and then make his way home to his family.


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