Counterfeit Crooks in Costa Blanca

BODY FOUND: Police cordoned off the area while the skeletal remains were removed. CREDIT: Twitter @guardiacivil

THREE men have been arrested for trying to use fake banknotes in a number of Torrevieja shops.The Spanish trio, aged 28, 36 and 37 years, had made the journey from the Murcia region, and potentially had just over 11 thousand euros of bogus currency ready to distribute in the city´s stores. Their shopping spree drew the attention of the Guardia Civil, who arrested them on the Paseo de la Libertad, after seeing them behaving suspiciously in the area. The men were monitored by officers as they entered and exited several stores and then drove down a couple of streets, before parking up again and repeating the same process. A search of the trio and their car yielded 11,030 euros of fake notes, which included 215 bogus 50 euro bills. The men were released on bail.


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