19 elderly people die from Coronavirus at one of Madrid’s elderly care homes in Spain

The UK is now the third country in the world with the most Covid-19 deaths, after the US and Italy.

At least nineteen elderly people are reported to have died at Madrid’s care home, MonteHermoso, as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Medical staff at the residency have confirmed that there will be more casualties at this care home for the elderly, over the coming days as many more are infected.

Ana Ruíz’s mother Ana María Artola was one of the victims. She passed away yesterday from the Coronavirus, after being diagnosed at the weekend. According to Ruíz, the home lacked oxygen machines to treat all those infected with COVID-19.

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However, medical sources at the care home have confirmed that they have just recently received more oxygen machines, as well as face masks for residents and staff, from the country’s Ministry of Health.

More nurses from the local hospital have also been enlisted to help deal with the high number of COVID-19 cases at the care home because between 30 and 40 staff members are currently off sick with the infection, according to Ruíz. Her father is also in quarantine at the same care home, and she has not been allowed to visit since it closed its doors to visitors. Family members and visitors have not been allowed to visit this care home, or any residencies for the elderly across Madrid, since March 8th 2020.


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